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Dollar Store Aqua Products
Dollar stores can offer customers on vacation a quick one-stop solution by displaying aqua toys alongside small air pumps and other complementary products like flippers, goggles, swimming masks, visors and water guns.
Aqua products include pool floats, water toys, rafts, kiddie pools, and more.
The inflatable toys are colorful and can get a lot of use during the warm summer months, which means some don't last very long.
Children can be rough on their toys, and sand and concrete can quickly damage these aqua products. This makes them especially suited to dollar stores, many parents aren't willing to break the bank for these items and can stock up on them in bulk inexpensively.
Colorful swimming-pool floats can feature seaside motifs like fish, sea horses, and nautical themes.
Aqua Toys for Baby
While these products can be great for children and babies who are just learning to swim, consumers should keep in mind that these are not safety products. These aqua toys are just that, toys, and babies and small children should always be closely supervised while in the water. While they can provide fun and a sense of security for beginning swimmers, they are not the equivalent of life jackets or preservers.
Dollar Store Pool Toys
Dollar-store pool toys come in a variety of bright colors, shapes and materials. They are generally made from plastic, rubber or even foam. Inflatable floats, which are very popular for use in swimming pools, rivers and lakes, have the added advantage of being very light and can be rolled or folded up to take up a minimal amount of space.
Common Target Markets for Dollar-Store Pool Toys
Of course, these baby floats and pool toys are very popular with one specific target market: children. Most busy parents do not have the option of leaving their children at home while they shop, so a smart dollar store will display these items where children can see them clearly. One way to showcase these items to their best advantage is to blow them up and hang them from the ceiling.
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