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Dollar Cell Phone Accessories and Cell Phone Materials
For more Dollar Store Merchandise variety in the now growing “more than dollar sections” in the dollar stores we are supplying, we have added these accessories to most Dollar Stores and Dollar Plus Stores as the wireless phone industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with over 268 million handsets in use in the United States and almost 3 billion worldwide. Many factors are driving this exciting and consistently upward trend. Wireless phones are recognized as a fashion statement, a status symbol, a technological necessity, and an individuals most important communication device. 70% of wireless phone consumers activate a new phone every 8-12 months. This results nationally in 140 million new handsets per year, and a tremendous opportunity for the largest national retailers. Introducing the JW Mobile Product Line®. JW Mobile® is the leading wireless accessories manufacturer in the world. We are leading the way in low cost, high margin wireless accessories. The 3 year warranty on Talkworks products is the cornerstone of our commitment to quality and workmanship. The 3 year warranty is always clearly displayed on the face of our packaging, and the warranty details are clearly stated on the back, increasing consumer confidence in our entire wireless accessories line. Provided are color coded packaging for brand recognition and easy self serve access. It will be simple for your customers to identify which product fits their wireless phone, and the features available for each product. Unique aspects of our packaging allows consumers to test our products with their mobile phones.

Working with some of the finest Manufacturer's Representatives in the world, the whole line is catered specifically to Dollar Store retailers, carriers, and distributors.

Today’s explosion in the wireless communications marketplace is easily compared to the incredible boom of landline telephones a century ago. The wireless telephone has transformed the communications industry beyond everyone’s forecasts. Even in the middle of an economic downturn, what used to be a “nice to have” wireless phone turned into a “must have” communications device.

Wireless phone sales have been skyrocketing in recent years as more and more consumers view them as essential to their communications needs. The global economic climate has provided the environment where prices of phones and service decreased dramatically, yet the features and technology in these amazing devices, including Video Chat, Live Streaming, video, and Music; are constantly impressing the market. This unprecedented growth has created a huge opportunity for retailers in the wireless accessories market.


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