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Greeting Cards
People love to browse through cards to find just the right sentiment, so you want to make sure you have wholesale greetings cards and supplies with a wide enough selection to appeal to every one of your customers. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we carry cards of all shapes and sizes, as well as the displays to keep them looking neat and attractive.
We offer pop-up cards, sponge cards, and even musical cards for only a quarter apiece. We carry cards in both English and Spanish, as well as the inspirational scrolls that are becoming so popular. We offer eight-pack party invitations, as well as cards from Europe and even handmade cards.
Some of our card prices are so low that you can offer them to your customers at the price of two for one dollar. This will appeal to the type of client who likes to stock up on cards ahead of time, so that he or she can respond quickly to any occasion. A good card selection also reminds your clients that you are a gift and party resource.
Dollar Store Merchandise

Putting small gift items, such as magnets and key chains, next to your card selection can increase sales. These items can be tucked inside of an envelope for a quick and casual gift idea or can be used to augment larger gifts. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we can help you select and order the wholesale greeting cards and companion items that will add viability to your dollar store.
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