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Dollar Store Balloons

Themed novelty balloons are popular complements to all kinds of gift-giving occasions. Balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and holidays come in several shapes and limitless colors, and they can be filled with ordinary air or helium for a buoyant effect.
One of the most popular types of novelty balloons is the "foil" balloon, which is made from metalized plastic film. These balloons have shiny, reflective surfaces that make them particularly eye catching. Since these balloons are very light, they can retain helium for weeks at a time.
A World of Possibilities: Types of Balloons
Another type of themed novelty balloon is made from latex. These are available in a rainbow of colors and can have slogans or pictures printed on them. Besides air and helium, these types of balloons can be filled with water.
For example, small balloons that can be used as water missiles can be displayed alongside water guns and pool toys. Other balloons with birthday or holiday themes can be placed alongside gift wrap or greeting cards.
Since balloons are suited to so many different types of occasions, dollar stores should showcase them accordingly.
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