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Gift Bags
Many customers rely on dollar stores for the majority of their gift-giving needs. These needs include gift cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons and bows, as well as the dollar store gifts themselves. A savvy shopper can buy one or two dollar store gift items, bundle them into a pretty gift bag and even add a meaningful card for under five dollars. When you are looking for wholesale gift items, such as photo frames, and gift bags, check out Dollar Store Merchandise first. We aren't simply an inventory supplier; we are a valuable resource for all dollar store owners.
We know the dollar store business, and we can tell you which items have the highest turnover. We know that when it comes to gift items, impulse buys are key. We'll help you choose the most alluring items, and we'll help you display them to their best advantage.
We also offer gift bags, and Photo Frames. Once the word gets out that customers only need make one stop at your store to get everything they need for all-occasion gifts, you will enjoy repeat business from committed customers. Of course, everyone will have a different idea of what constitutes a gift, but a wide selection can cover any type of occasion.
Dollar Store Merchandise

Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we know that you want to cater to every type of client. However, you may not know how much or how little to carry across the range of categories. We can put together a store opening kit for you that will give you a good selection of across-the-board items. If you want to focus on a few best-sellers, just ask and we'll ship those out, ASAP.
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