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Dollar Store Showrooms and Showroom Visits

What do products look like?

Will I be getting top quality dollar store merchandise ??

Will your merchandise match my demographics ???

All these answers could be answered by visiting a Dollar Store Showroom in our company headquarters (Florida) or in one of the following nationwide warehouse locations Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Houston.

Showroom visits are by appointments only and must be scheduled 1 or 2 days ahead of time so we can ensure a full merchandise experience !!


Many dollar store customers like to see us face to face and also look at the products individually by category before they get started and that is why we have designed a nationwide method for any

customer in the USA to be close to a dollar store showroom where they can personally meet one of our representatives and ask all the questions they may have.

Because Dollar Store Merchandise is highly networked with the top warehouses in the country,

the merchandise options are many and include over 76,000 items available at all times from over 42

warehouses in the USA which you can buy directly.

If Dollar Store Setup procedures, location analysis, business plans, and dollar store buildout planning

are to be reviewed in person, you can also come see us.

We are very proud of our 20 years of providing excellent customer service and our track record serves as a proof.

Dollar Store showrooms are a great way to see everything first hand and

we can also provide access to the latest catalogs on all products so you can take literature home and review it so you don’t forget any details. Many of our customers fly down for the day or drive down to see us. Either way, let us know and we will be glad to accommodate your needs in order to make your dollar store showroom visit a unique and fulfilling experience.

If this is your very first store remember that offers the best, easiest, and most cost efficient way for you to own your dollar store at cost price and receive much better service than if you were a franchise ! We have helped individuals open their 1st dollar store and they have moved on in opening 2nd and 3rd stores too. Buy everything direct and save money !!


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