Wholesale Store Fixtures

Wholesale store fixtures common to retail outlets include checkout counters, display cases, and wire shelving. These items generally reflect a utilitarian aesthetic and are made of glass, metal, or particleboard. Quality is key, as these wholesale items are expected to last for years under vigorous retail conditions.

Flexible Wholesale Store Fixtures Add Value and Floor Space

Checkout counters commonly feature multiple shelves to store items like tissue paper, newspaper, and bags, and they have smooth, spacious countertops, so that customers can place all of their items on them before purchase. They should be large enough to hold a fair amount of goods as well as a cash register or other point-of-sale system. Smaller cash stands can be practical for cramped spaces. While they do not have countertops, they do have enough storage for the essentials and can hold cash registers easily.

Display cases can be made of nearly any material, but glass cases offer increased visibility. Glass countertops allow customers to see fragile or more expensive merchandise without touching it. Optimal versions of these wholesale store fixtures feature adjustable shelving, so that they can be moved as needed as a store's selection evolves.

Wire shelving is another economical choice in wholesale store fixtures. Wire shelving units are portable and lightweight, and some come complete with casters, so they can be rolled from place to place easily. Other wire shelving units can hold DVDs, books, and magazines.

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