Wholesale Pool Toys

Wholesale pool toys include items that appeal to all ages, which is why they are popular dollar-store goods. Since these dollar stores can buy them by the gross at vastly reduced prices, they can offer them to customers at low prices.

Wholesale pool toys encompass four major categories:

  • Floats: these wholesale pool toys can be in fun shapes like balls, fish and boats or can take the shape of rafts or chairs.
  • Foam toys: these include kickboards and foam noodles, which are long, flexible rods that are often used in play fights by both children and adults.
  • Swimmies or vests: also known as water wings, swimmies, or inflatable arm bands, these wrap around the upper arms of children and help them to float in the water.
  • Activities and games: these include rings, boomerangs, and other waterproof items used in diving games and other pastimes like keep away.

Tips for Choosing Wholesale Pool Toys

Dollar stores that are located in colder climates like Washington or Vermont do not need to stock swimming floats on a year-round basis while outlets located in sunny states like California or Arizona would benefit from a constant stream of these in-demand items. This is especially true in resort or vacation areas. Many travelers aren't willing to devote valuable luggage space to pool toys, but they aren't eager to spend a large portion of their vacation budget on them either.

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