Wholesale Office Supplies

Wholesale office supplies and school products draw in a large volume of dollar-store customers. Small-business owners and students alike are always on the lookout for discount prices on the items they need to take care of business. Keeping a large selection of wholesale office and school supplies on hand throughout the year is a proven way for discount retailers to generate and sustain business.

Wholesale Office Supplies Draw Customers

Some of the items that are considered top sellers include bulk pens, printer paper and stationery, dry-erase boards and cutting tools. However, people face varied needs for their school demands and home offices, and the most successful discount retailers anticipate this by keeping less obvious but equally popular products in stock at all times. Items like signs, calculators, geometry and mathematics sets, labels, crayons, chalk and colored pencils help consumers meet niche-shopping requirements. When a discount retailer carries everything an individual needs to complete a particular shopping trip, that individual is much more likely to return to the store in the future to make additional purchases.

Retailers can organize their inventories of wholesale office supplies in a dedicated aisle and surround the product selection with related items to generate sales from impulse purchases. It's a proven fact that the larger and more varied a store's merchandise, the higher its overall volume of sales and revenue. Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading wholesale supplier of office supplies and tens of thousands of other popular dollar-store products. Contact a service representative at 1-877-549-5210 or info@dollarstoremerchandise.com to order a catalog, open an account or purchase inventory at bulk discounts.