Wholesale Kitchen Supplies

Discount kitchen supplies are top sellers at dollar stores. Profitable stores report large sales volumes of these popular items, which are top customer draws. Retail wisdom also holds that the larger a selection of these items a store keeps on hand, the greater the overall sales numbers will be.

Despite shifts in societal values, women are still the primary purchasers of kitchenware and related items. Sales statistics show it. They also show that women comprise the majority of dollar-store shoppers. Thus, stocking a wide-ranging selection of products that appeal to a sizable majority of customers is a very sound strategy for increasing profits. Wholesalers make it easy to keep a complete inventory of discount household supplies on hand in the stockroom to help boost sale volumes. Typical top sellers include items like cutlery (both stainless steel and disposable), plates, glasses, mugs, knives, serving accessories and bar supplies. Retailers can entice customers to load up their carts with things they need but hadn't necessarily planned to buy. That's why it's also a good idea to keep ice cube trays, ice cream scoops, craft supplies and seasonal items on display nearby. These items are available through discount wholesalers at very low per-unit bulk rates, enabling retailers to add healthy markups to products yet offer them to the end consumer at bargain prices.

Discount Kitchen Supplies and Much More

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