Wholesale Jewelry

Stocking a wide range of wholesale jewelry is a wise strategy for any discount-retail-store owner. Proof is in the numbers: first, veteran dollar-store owners ferociously defend the axiom that a larger selection of products leads directly to a larger volume of sales. Second, statistics show that the majority of dollar-store customers are female, and with the appeal that wholesale jewelry has for this key market segment, stores can attract more customers. Once inside, there's no telling how much a particular customer might decide to buy.

Boost Overall Sales through a Wide Selection of Wholesale Jewelry Products

The longer a customer stays to browse a large selection of wholesale jewelry, the more likely it is that her attention will eventually turn to other items offered for sale as well. While consumables and party supplies are often the bread and butter of discount retailers, wholesale jewelry rivals the popularity of those merchandise categories and is an essential part of any complete product inventory.

The wholesale-jewelry heading encompasses a broad range of products, going far beyond bracelets, rings and necklaces. Hair accessories, brushes, handbags, sunglasses, glasses cases, belts and cosmetics cases are also extremely popular items on the shelves of dollar stores across the country. For female shoppers, these items never lose their appeal.

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