Wholesale Items

Wholesale items are merchandise sold in bulk, generally from one business to another. These products can include anything from snack items to cell phone accessories to clothing, makeup, books and more. Basically, anything that can be bought or sold can be obtained wholesale. This can yield substantial savings for retailers, which can then be passed on to their customers.

Why are wholesale items so cheap? These products are sold in bulk. Instead of selling a few dozen products at a time, wholesale distributors sell lots, or groups, of hundreds or even thousands of items at a time. This drives the per-piece price down drastically. This can also save the supplier--and the retailer--money because shipping costs are cheaper. This is just one reason why dollar stores tend to stock their shelves with wholesale items.

Wholesale Items Stock Dollar Shelves at the Right Price

Not only are wholesale items a practical choice in terms of price for $1 outlets, but they provide peace of mind as well. When a retailer buys an item in such large quantities, it never has to worry about running out of product for customers to buy. This means that the dollar store can quickly become a trusted resource for customers who need a steady supply of products like party goods, toys, DVDs and more.

Dollar Store Merchandise is a major supplier of wholesale items to $1 stores and 99-cent shops that rely on a trustworthy source of inexpensive, high-quality goods. Interested parties can contact info@dollarstoremerchandise.com or 1-877-549-5210 or search the website.