Wholesale Home Decor Linens

Wholesale home decor linens can enable people to decorate their homes in style for less. These items are available in bulk to dollar stores. Not only can these retailers promote these products to customers, but they can also use them to decorate the stores themselves.

Window Treatments and Other Wholesale Home-Decor Linens

Window treatments are among the most popular wholesale home-decor linens. Not only are these pieces decorative, but they can also offer privacy and even save on home heating-and-cooling bills. There are several different types of window treatments:

  • Valances: these treatments run along the very tops of windows, softening their edges and blocking the afternoon sun to a degree. Valances are offered wholesale in several major styles, including balloon valances, which feature poofs of fabric, swags, which consist of fabric looped over a curtain rod, and tailored valances, which can feature box pleats or other sleek modern shapes.
  • Curtains: these are the traditional long swathes of fabric that can either completely cover the window or be pulled to each side and secured with tiebacks. Cafe curtains offer privacy and light, because they cover only the bottom half of the window.
  • Sheers: these long, translucent linens also offer privacy while allowing light to enter the room. They can be used by themselves or as liners when paired with heavier curtains.

The window treatments at Dollar Store Merchandise are available in a range of popular colors and decors. This company can be reached at 1-877-549-5210 or info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.