Wholesale Hardware

Hardware supplies are among the many common household items cost-conscious shoppers look for in dollar stores. These discount retail outlets are a favorite destination of consumers hoping to fill varied shopping needs. Carrying a wide selection of categorized products, from hardware supplies to consumables, is a proven way to entice customers into buying a larger volume of merchandise. Many people don't realize they need something until they see it sitting on a shelf in a store.

Stock Hardware Supplies to Meet Customer Needs

Dollar-store merchants are in a unique position to save consumers money on hardware supplies, as they have access to bulk distributors who sell products at wholesale discounts. Thus, retailers who supply their inventories with wholesale items are able to offer better prices on things like pliers, socket sets, wrenches, hand tools and adhesives than regular hardware stores. Lower inventory costs allow dollar stores to write markups similar to those added by specialty retailers while keeping the end price significantly lower.

Wholesalers offer these same low prices on tens of thousands of tools and products, from children's toys to snack foods. Dealing with a well-established supplier that offers a varied selection of goods is a key way for store owners to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Dollar Store Merchandise includes an excellent selection of hardware products and tens of thousands of other items in over 50 different categories. Retailers can order catalogs and learn more about the company's complete range of services by calling 1-877-549-5210 or sending an email to info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.