Wholesale Greeting Cards

Wholesale greeting cards are indexed into a variety of categories, depending on the occasion they commemorate, and are available from bulk suppliers for pennies per unit. Blank cards are also available to give shoppers the option to write their own greetings, and experienced wholesalers note that stores that generate the highest sales volume are also the stores that stock the most varied selection of merchandise.

Buying in bulk helps retail managers and store owners slash the cost of maintaining a varied inventory while increasing profit margins. The extremely low rates offered by wholesalers allow store operators to mark up prices at a healthy percentage yet still present items for sale to consumers at very competitive prices.

Popular Wholesale Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are generally ordered by category, which includes popular seasonal products for Valentine's Day and Christmas as well as commemorations for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • General congratulations
  • Birthdays
  • Friends
  • Get-well-soon wishes and prayers
  • Personal stationery
  • Shared memories
  • Humor

Stocking a wide range of blank and special-occasion wholesale greeting cards encourages shoppers to remain in the store and browse for a longer period of time. This, in turn, facilitates more consumer expenditure and can also build loyalty. Customers turn to dollar stores for money-saving convenience, and the more varied the selection of products offered, the more likely the store will generate return business.

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