Wholesale Fragrance

Fragrance products for the home were once considered luxury items that were reserved for special occasions, but low wholesale prices have changed this for the average American. Today, about 80 percent of consumers purchase these items on a regular basis, according to Unity Marketing. Dollar stores can take advantage of this trend by selling these products at a discount.

On average, Americans spend about $266 on fragrance products each year while women ages 25 to 34 spend $340 annually. As can be imagined, this money can go much further at a dollar outlet, where each item is typically $1 or less. Once prospective customers know this, extreme-value retailers can attract more business by stocking their shelves with wholesale fragrance items that are eye catching and well made.

Popular Wholesale Fragrance Items

Among the most popular wholesale fragrance items are aroma lamps. These decorative lamps are made from a variety of materials and can feature woodland scenes, Asian motifs, astrological signs, fantasy imagery and more. The wide variety of aesthetic themes means that there are aroma lamps that will mesh with nearly any décor.

Another in-demand wholesale fragrance item is incense. Since a single stick of incense can be consumed in a matter of hours, incense lovers must buy it in massive quantities if they want to use it on a daily basis. Once they know they can get it at a discount at an extreme-value retailer, they will likely come back for more.

Dollar Store Merchandise is a supplier of quality wholesale fragrance items to discount retailers. The company's phone number is 1-877-549-5210, and the email address is info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.