Wholesale Electrical Supplies

A healthy selection of discount electrical supplies can keep the customers rolling into a dollar store, even once immediate shopping needs are met. Discount retailers that offer the most varied possible inventory of products attract the attention of consumers who come in to buy specific items, increasing customer recognition and the likelihood that the customer will return to the store in the future to make additional purchases.

Include Discount Electrical Supplies as Part of a Complete Store Inventory

Wholesale distributors supply retail stores with a wide range of discount electrical products. Some of the most popular electrical items include power bars for computer and domestic applications, surge protectors, wiring kits, plug-ins, core adapters and antennae. Dollar-store operators stand an excellent chance of generating additional sales when as many items as possible are kept on display where they can attract the attention of shoppers. It's a proven retail strategy to generate bigger sales numbers by offering a wide selection of not only discount electrical supplies, but also other popular products like consumables and housewares.

Some wholesalers even offer support and startup assistance to investors looking to open dollar stores, allowing them privileged access to services in exchange for agreeing to allow the wholesaler to be the new store's primary supplier. Dollar Store Merchandise is a nationwide distributor that helps new businesses get off the ground at cost, offering a catalog containing over 70,000 different products. To learn more about the company, access services or open a wholesale account, contact a company representative by calling 1-877-549-5210 toll free or by sending an email to info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.