Wholesale Cosmetics

Spa parties and makeover slumber parties are the hottest new trends for pre-teen and teenage girls, and stores that carry eye-catching displays of discount cosmetics can cultivate loyal shoppers who may become lifelong customers. While many parents discourage younger girls from wearing heavy makeup, it is largely considered appropriate for special occasions.

Little girls have always enjoyed giving each other "glamorous" makeovers during slumber parties, but these parties have become more organized and sophisticated in recent years. Today, parents may take groups of girls to salons for makeovers or create a spa-like atmosphere at home with discount cosmetics. Parents who want to stock up for these kind of events would be smart to buy wholesale makeup items like lipstick, body glitter, eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara.

Pre-Teens and Teens Love Parties Stocked with Discount Cosmetics

Manicure and pedicure parties for younger girls are also on the rise. Dollar stores that want to take advantage of this trend can stock up on cosmetics and colors that are appropriate for pre-teens, including pastel and sheer colors and frosted polish. Other discount cosmetics like brightly colored foam toe separators, nail files, cotton balls, and polish remover are also crucial to these types of events.

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