Wholesale CDs

Wholesale CDs and DVDs offered by dollar stores can extend far beyond old New Kids on the Block or Yanni recordings. There is a myriad of compilations and blank recordable CDs available at a discount to extreme-value retailers that can be displayed right alongside the usual cartoons on DVD.

Christmas and other holiday CDs are prominent items on dollar-store shelves. These might include collections of holiday songs from a particular era--for example, the '50s--or feature specific artists such as Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra. Other wholesale options include soundtracks to such holiday cartoons as A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Wholesale Recordable CDs

As of 2008, music lovers have purchased more than four billion songs from Apple's iTunes store. These customers will likely need blank compact disks on which to burn and back up their libraries. There are many different wholesale recordable CDs:

  • CD-R: this type of wholesale compact disk can play MP3s on any type of compact-disk player, including those found in home-entertainments systems and in cars. While these disks won’t hold as many MP3s as others, since the files are returned to their original size, they will hold approximately 80 minutes of audio.
  • CD-RW: these audio compact disks are also recordable and have enhanced storage capabilities. However, some older compact-disk players are unable to read them.
  • CD-ROM: the successor to the floppy disk, this rewritable compact disk can store computer data files, such as applications and documents.

Dollar Store Merchandise provides tens of thousands of discount items at wholesale prices to retailers in the United States and abroad. It can be contacted at 1-877-549-5210 or info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.