Wholesale Candy

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the average American eats about 25 pounds of candy each year, which means quality wholesale candy can be a big part of a dollar store's income. Dollar stores can further encourage customers to buy candy by thinking about why people purchase it and buying and displaying their stock accordingly.

Wholesale Candy for Every Occasion

There are many occasions for which customers buy wholesale candy:

  • Halloween: this is the most prominent holiday of the year when it comes to wholesale candy. Approximately 96 percent of Americans will purchase Halloween treats, including candy corn, gummi snacks, caramels, mini chocolate bars and more.
  • Valentine's Day: sweets are a classic gift during this holiday. Popular choices include chocolates, conversation hearts, heart-shaped lollipops and chocolate-covered cherries.
  • Easter: the "Easter Bunny" brings gifts of sweet treats to millions of girls and boys on this day. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that the average American will spend more than $14 on Easter confections like jelly beans, chocolate Easter bunnies, and caramel eggs.
  • All year long: with more people adding media rooms to their residences, they're watching more movies at home. While they may not miss the traditional movie-theater prices, they may miss the traditional concessions. Wholesale items like gummi bears, sour candy, and cookie-dough bites can help these customers create the authentic movie-theater experience at home.

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