Wholesale Candles

Wholesale candles can be useful for many different occasions--even weddings. Candles can play a very important part in the marriage ceremony, and there are popular traditions that have sprung up around them. Dollar-store candles can also be used as decorations for the ceremony and reception or to grace pre-parties, such as bridal showers or bachelorette parties.

The unity candle is the most prominent role for these flickering flames. This tradition includes a center pillar candle surrounded by two tapers. Typically, the mothers of the bride and groom will approach the altar during the ceremony, lighting the two tapers. The bride and groom then use these tapers to light the pillar, symbolizing the merging of their families. The tapers are then either extinguished or kept lit, according to the couple's preference. If the couple has children, there may be additional tapers to represent them and include them in the ceremony.

Say "I Do" to Wholesale Candles

Wholesale pillars and tapers are widely available. These include wholesale versions of the classic white candles and others decorated with faux flowers and ribbon. Since wholesale items are so much more affordable than brand-name products, they can help cut down on costs for this often-pricey event.

Other wholesale wedding candles include those shaped like cakes, hearts, or even the bride and groom themselves. There are also versions that include angels and other religious motifs that lend themselves to a church setting.

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