Wholesale Bath Supplies

Many consumers head straight to dollar stores when their shopping lists include discount bathroom supplies. These retailers offer end consumers many advantages over pharmacies, department stores, supermarkets and other common suppliers of bathroom products. Since they stock their shelves with bulk merchandise purchased directly from wholesalers, they're able to keep the end retail prices lower than their competitors can, winning the loyalty of the legions of cost-conscious consumers that populate every city in the country.

Keep a Varied Inventory of Discount Bathroom Supplies

Experienced discount retailers recognize the importance of a varied product selection. Thus, they will stock a complete line of bath goods, including standard and specialty soaps and shampoos, grooming products, shaving goods and bathroom-cleaning supplies in addition to items with more specific appeal. Discount linens, for example, are strong sellers. Given that the majority of dollar-store customers are women, retailers can also boost overall sales figures by carrying a selection of perfumes, fragrances, aromas and bath accessories like scented candles and cosmetics. Wholesalers distribute these products and dozens more at low bulk prices, making it easy and cost-effective for shoppers to meet all their linen and bath product needs in one place.

The wider a store's selection of discount bathroom supplies, the more sales it generates. Often, people don't realize they need a particular item until they see it sitting on the shelf in a store. Retailers can cash in by offering a varied inventory. Dollar Store Merchandise helps retailers achieve this, with a huge selection of quality brand-name and generic products. Request a catalog by calling 1-877-549-5210 or by writing to info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.