Wholesale Back To School Gear

With funding for education on the decline, wholesale back-to-school gear is more in demand than ever. Some teachers have taken it upon themselves to provide their students with essentials like pencils and paper, but with the average teacher earning just $47,602, according to data from 2005, this can put a dent in even the most well-meaning wallet. Wholesale back-to-school gear can help.

Common items like tape, hole punches, correction fluid, scissors and more are available wholesale, meaning suppliers can buy them in massive quantities at a discount and then sell them by the gross to retailers. Since these suppliers purchase thousands of items at a time, the per-piece cost is extremely low. This means suppliers can then pass these savings on to dollar stores and other retail shops, which can then sell them for about $1 each while still turning a profit.

Find Quality Wholesale Back-to-School Gear

This wholesale back-to-school gear, including highlighters, pencil sharpeners, three-ring binders, spiral notebooks, graph paper, and more, doesn't have to be of poor quality. Instead, these items are usually private-label products or closeout or liquidated stock. Marketing these products to teachers and parents can keep them coming back for other things like gifts, home-décor items and more.

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