Wholesale Baby Gifts

Wholesale baby gifts are in demand all year long--almost everyone knows someone who is having a baby. These discount items can range from toys like rattles and stuffed animals to bottles, baby booties, teething rings, and many other items helpful to parents and caregivers.

Dollar stores that carry a variety of wholesale baby items can attract a steady supply of customers who will return again and again, both for inexpensive necessities like diapers, onesies and bottles and for discount gifts like toys and books. It is important that these products are well made, however. Not only are babies hard on their things, but there are also various safety issues to consider. Toys that have small parts or that may break easily are inappropriate.

Popular Wholesale Baby Gift Sets

Wholesale baby gift sets are extremely trendy these days, as they are visually appealing and can hold a variety of practical and fun presents. These gift sets are available already assembled, but dollar stores may want to give their customers the option to create their own sets by displaying a variety of baby items next to gift baskets, bows and greeting cards.

Dollar Store Merchandise displays a wide variety of wholesale baby gifts, including layette sets, bibs and other necessities, on its site. In addition to supplying thousands of dollar stores across the nation with more than 70,000 quality products, this company is a division of BuckStore, Inc., which can help interested parties open up their own dollar stores at cost. More information can be obtained at 1-877-549-5210 or info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.