Wholesale Auto Accessories

Finding a supplier with a wide-ranging selection of wholesale auto accessories is a proven technique that discount retailers can use to generate an increased volume of sales and store revenues. Now more than ever, drivers are looking to slash car-maintenance costs wherever possible and are far more likely to turn to a dollar store than to a specialty retailer for everyday engine, interior and exterior car-care needs. Dollar stores deal directly with wholesalers, securing both generic and brand-name products at excellent bulk rates, passing savings along to the end consumer and building a sustainable base of customers.

Build Your Business with Wholesale Auto Accessories

The wider the range of discount auto accessories the store offers, the higher its overall sales figures will rise. This is a proven retail principle. A customer who came into the store looking for motor oil might be pleased to find antifreeze, windshield-washer fluid and dashboard cleansers at low discount prices, loading up his shopping cart with unplanned purchases.

In addition to practical, everyday items, wholesale auto accessories can also include fun novelties like personalized key chains and decorations to hang from the rear-view mirror. Positioning these non-essential items close to a wide selection of wholesale auto accessories increases the likelihood that a customer will spot them and make an impulse purchase.

With an expansive product catalog including over 70,000 different items in over 50 categories, Dollar Store Merchandise offers one of the most comprehensive inventories of any supplier in North America. Contact a customer-service representative at 1-877-549-5210 or by writing to info@dollarstoremerchandise.com to learn more.