Wholesale Arts And Crafts

Wholesale arts-and-crafts supplies are exclusively available to dollar-store retailers through discount wholesalers. These distributors offer popular retail products, from arts-and-crafts supplies and perfume to sunglass cases and stuffed animals, at extremely low per-unit rates when bought in specified bulk quantities. Retailers that then sell these products are at a distinct advantage over their competitors since they have the ability to add a similar percentage markup to the retail price of the merchandise while still keeping the cost to the end consumer significantly below average.

These wholesalers make it easy to stock a store with a wide-ranging selection of arts-and-crafts supplies, which in turn generates more sales and increases store profits. Consumer studies show a direct correlation between larger product selections and higher revenues. Larger product inventories also increase the amount of time customers spend browsing the aisles of the store, which exposes shoppers to a wider range of products, thereby increasing the likelihood that consumers will make unplanned and spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Wholesale Arts-and-Crafts Supplies and More

Arts-and-crafts supplies constitute but one of many merchandise categories that wholesalers provide retailers. In fact, some distributors boast inventories of products in more than 50 different categories, including not only the most popular discount retail items like consumables, but also specialty products like baby goods and personalized accessories.

The selection of products available to store retailers from Dollar Store Merchandise totals over 70,000 different items. Build a more varied inventory and generate more sales for your retail store by contacting the company today. Call 1-877-549-5210 toll free, or write to info@dollarstoremerchandise.com.