Discount toys represent a solution with which both parents and kids can live. At toy retailers and in department stores, kids can't seem to stop finding things they want, but parents often can't seem to find a price tag with which they can live. Dollar stores offer discounts on playthings for children of all ages. Since dollar stores deal directly with wholesalers, they secure bulk discounts on the products they offer for sale. This allows proprietors to pass savings along to end consumers while still turning profits.

Boost Overall Sales with Discount Toys

The toys that dollar stores offer for sale are every bit as wide-ranging as those found in department stores, yet they're sold at a fraction of the cost. Parents and grandparents can find popular, enduring classics like stuffed animals and contemporary favorites like robots to suit the varied tastes of the youngsters in their lives. Wholesalers supply both generic and brand-name toys at discount prices, and it makes for good business to keep a varied supply of these fun children's products in stock. Parents often take children on shopping trips and keep the peace during the outing by offering the children new playthings to reward good behavior. Kids also tend to stray from their parents while in the store, looking for things that interest them, and are invariably drawn to the toy aisle, where they convince their parents to buy them something. Offering these products at a discount makes it more likely the parent will make the purchase.

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