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The following is a transcript of "Traveling Avatar's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life," a podcast from The audio program is available via RSS feed here and at's podcast home page.

Will Ross here, welcome to The Traveling Avatar's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Better Second Life. On this show we discuss tips and tricks for the game Second Life, created by Linden Labs.

Today's episode: Dollar Stores, (near) freebies in Second Life.

One of the issues I have with Second Life is that it can be a place where the haves are having more fun than the have-nots. Some days it seems as if the only way to have a fully tricked out avatar complete with all the bells and whistles is to either spend quite a bit of your real world green stuff, or even more horrifying to a professional slacker like myself, get a job. So if you're as broke as I am, and yet don't want to spend your precious game time filling out the new cover sheets on virtual TPS reports at your in-game office, you might want to check out a few one-Linden stores.


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52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,158 products on our website for your Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Store, Ten and Below, Dollar
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