Dollar Store Stationery

Consistently ranked as one of the top-selling merchandise categories by retailers, dollar-store stationery is an essential inclusion in any complete selection of merchandise. Dollar-store operators have access to volume discounts on stationery products ranging from office supplies to personal notepads, appealing to individual consumers and small-business owners alike. Discount retailers are able to keep end prices lower because they buy in bulk, giving dollar stores a competitive advantage over drugstores, supermarkets and other common sources of stationery products.

Choose Top-Selling Dollar-Store Stationery Products

General stationery and personal-writing products fly off the shelves in the weeks leading up to the commencement of the school yea, and remain hot sellers all year round. Cash in on consumer demand by keeping a full supply of notebooks, paper, printer supplies, writing instruments, hi-liters, markers, chalk, erasable boards, workbooks, journals and poster board in stock at all times. Offering customers a wide selection of goods to choose from entices them to stay in the retail outlet longer. This increases the chances that they'll end up buying more than they had planned. The longer a customer stays on the premises, the more exposure he or she gets to other common products like consumables and kitchenware.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers bulk discounts on over 70,000 products in 50 different categories and also offers support and assistance to parties interested in opening new retail outlets. To learn more about the company's complete range of merchandise and services, call a customer-service representative toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or send an email message to