Dollar Store Snacks

Dollar-store snacks are more than just tasty treats--they are huge profit centers for all types of retail outlets. Larger sizes are suitable for big families while single-serving items can be included in kids' lunches or picnics or passed out at school activities or during sporting events.

Dollar-Store Snack Profits Quickly Add Up

Potato chips are such common snack items that it might be easy to overlook that they generate more than $6 billion in sales each year. These crunchy, salty delights, invented by a chef who was criticized for "too thick" fried potatoes in 1853, are now available in dozens of flavors, including plain, salt and vinegar, barbecue, sour cream and onion, cheddar, and even extreme flavors like jalapeno pepper. Retailers can choose to keep a variety of these wholesale consumables in stock at very attractive prices.

Popcorn is another popular modern-day snack, although it was invented thousands of years ago by American Indians. Today, this dollar-store snack item is available pre-popped for convenience in bags. Popular flavors include cheese, garlic, and plain. Of course there are also sweet varieties like caramel corn (with nuts and without) and kettle corn, that country-fair favorite.

Other dollar-store snacks include discount foods like nuts, olives, pickles, and salsas. These wholesale consumables are shelf stable, which eliminates the need for refrigeration.

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