Dollar Store School Supplies

Not all dollar-store school supplies are created equal, depending on the student's age. A kindergartener has very little use for a protractor, except as a curiosity. Therefore, when organizing a back-to-school display, a dollar store must group its products wisely to attract harried buyers.

One thing a dollar store can do to help with this process is to obtain sample supply lists from local schools. Once a store knows what's most in demand, it can order products accordingly and even offer specials on certain high-volume items.

Arrange Dollar-Store School Supplies by Age Range

Elementary students usually require items like assignment pads, crayons, number-2 pencils and erasers, glue, safety scissors, rulers, and pencil boxes in which to keep it all. Other necessities include boxes of tissue and backpacks or other bags.

Junior high students, on the other hand, have more sophisticated needs. Instead of crayons and safety scissors, these students need three-ring binders, ink pens, graph paper, and math tools like calculators and compasses. Grouping these items together alongside bags and other specials that appeal to young teens can encourage additional impulse spending.

High schoolers will need many of the same dollar-store supplies as their younger counterparts, with a few extras like composition books and protractors thrown in for good measure. They might also require items like graphing calculators.

Retailers looking to attract students, parents, and teachers can contact Dollar Store Merchandise at or 1-877-549-5210 to learn more about the back-to-school products it carries.