Dollar Store Photo Frames

Having a wide selection of products as simple as discount picture frames can work to generate higher store revenues and repeat business. Offering a broad range of products to choose from in a particular category keeps customers on the premises and browsing for longer periods of time. Often, customers that came in looking for everyday items like toilet paper or light bulbs will take notice of a prominent product display and end up buying goods they hadn't planned for, simply because they're readily available and priced affordably.

Supplement Your Store's Selection of Discount Picture Frames

In addition to discount picture frames, dollar stores can also stock a range of other home-decoration accessories and related items, including:

Photo accessories and picture frames sell well in dollar stores, and retailers can gain access to these items and tens of thousands more at wholesale-bulk prices by finding a well-established distributor of dollar-store merchandise. These distributors allow retailers to price products at everyday discounts, saving end consumers money compared to the cost competitors charge for comparable items. Discount retailers offer customers convenience, low prices and all-in-one shopping for dozens of commonly needed products. It's a proven retail principle that the more products a retailer offers, the more sales the retailer generates.

Dollar Store Merchandise allows managers and owners to cut operating costs and reduce human-resource expenditures by supplying everything they need to keep business running strong. Contact the company by calling 1-877-549-5210, or send an email to for further information.