Dollar Store Party Supplies

Win customer loyalty and generate an increased volume of sales by stocking a wide range of dollar-store party supplies. Positioning these popular items in a visible area increases consumer awareness in the dollar store's full range of available products, encouraging customers to come back in the future if these items aren't needed during the present visit. In addition, these festive necessities can add up to a big pain in the pocketbook when purchased individually or at gift boutiques. Discount retailers help people save money on everyday items like party supplies by buying them in bulk from discount wholesalers and then passing the savings on to the end consumer.

Dollar-Store Party Supplies and Accessories for Every Occasion

Party supplies are hot sellers around Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve, but these items sell well throughout the year. Consumers have a constant need for an inexpensive source of disposable plates and cutlery, cups, balloons, hats, decorations and novelties for birthdays, graduations and miscellaneous events.

Retailers can also realize a higher volume of business by keeping a wide assortment of gift bags and greeting cards on display. Since discount retailers save consumers so much money (off regular prices) and time (because everything they need is under one roof), they're more likely to stock up on goods and even buy things that weren't originally part of their shopping lists.

With a catalog featuring over 70,000 items in 50 indexed categories, Dollar Store Merchandise helps discount retailers keep a healthy inventory of popular products on hand at all times. Learn more by contacting a representative toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or by sending an email request to