Dollar Store Novelty Products

Dollar-store novelty products are classic impulse-buy items. Part of any successful dollar store's sales strategy is to coax consumers into browsing for more than they specifically came in to purchase in the first place, thereby generating healthier sales totals. Astutely planned displays of novelty products draw shoppers' attention and add unplanned purchases to their shopping carts.

The goods included under this inventory category include everything from key chains and decorative accessories to sunglasses, hair bands and toys for children. Astute proprietors stay abreast of fashion trends, particularly with youth demographics, and keep popular favorites in ready supply.

Supplement Sales with Novelty Products

It's essential to plan efficient and strategic displays of novelty products to encourage shoppers to spend more dollars in the store. These goods often sell well when kept at the point of sale, allowing customers to browse through the selection while waiting in line to pay for their purchases. Also, choosing an intelligent array of display fixtures helps discount retailers manage floor space and place these items where they'll attract attention, without taking up much space. Typically, a dedicated section in a single aisle, coupled with several well-placed racks and bins is ample to allow for a healthy and varied inventory of novelty products to be kept on display.

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