Dollar Store Novelty Balloons

Dollar stores are extremely popular sources for birthday-and-party goods, including novelty balloons. There are dozens of options available for extreme-value retailers to stock their shelves. With some proper planning, they can showcase these novelty balloons alongside other popular birthday items to encourage shoppers to pick up a few extras during their weekly trips.

For example, novelty birthday balloons with flowers or other feminine accents can be placed alongside makeup and beauty supplies, home-décor items and other popular gifts like mugs and DVDs. Options with clowns, cartoon characters and other kid-friendly motifs can be set up near toys, children's clothing, games, and books.

Dollar Store Novelty Balloons: More Than Birthdays

Of course, there are many other themes available for these novelty items. Christmas-themed balloons emblazoned with green and red and decorated with wreaths, Christmas trees or Santa are perfect for hostess gifts during the holiday season. Halloween-themed options in the shape of Jack 'O Lanterns, ghosts, witches and monsters can be a dynamic part of a haunted house. Heart-shaped options with messages like "I Love You" are the perfect accompaniment to Valentine's gifts and boxes of chocolate--other common dollar-store items.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers a wide selection of novelty goods for all occasions. This retailer supplies dollar stores across the nation with a wide variety of high-quality goods at very low prices. Dollar store proprietors interested in learning more about how this company can keep their businesses stocked and ready can call 1-877-549-5210 or