Dollar Store Makeup

Dollar-store makeup includes literally thousands upon thousands of items, including eyeshadow, pencil and liquid liner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, foundation, several types of blush, countless shades of lip gloss, nail polish of all colors, glitter, concealer and more. However, before a dollar store places an order online for these discount cosmetics, the proprietor needs to think: how will the store display these items to its best advantage and fulfill the complete makeup needs of its customers?

It can be extremely difficult for a customer to sort through and choose from hundreds of products if they're just jumbled in a box or basket. Not only is this untidy, but it can also make these items look suspect or of poor quality. Fortunately, the same suppliers who provide dollar stores with discount cosmetics can offer displays that keep these items organized and at eye level.

One two-foot-high countertop display unit can contain hundreds of lipsticks and lip liners. These rotating displays make the most of a store's available square footage and can even include mirrors, so customers can properly judge samples. Other dollar-store makeup items are available in packaging that can hang on pegboards neatly, allowing shoppers to look through them one by one.

Dollar-Store Makeup: More Than Mascara

If a shopper is buying a new supply of makeup, it's likely that she'll need things like applicators, sharpeners, and remover as well. Makeup brushes are needed for blush, eyeshadow, and other products, and cotton swabs and sponge applicators are other essential tools of the trade.

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