Dollar Store Kitchenware

Wholesalers offer a wide range of dollar-store kitchenware products to help discount retailers create varied inventories that attract more shoppers and generate higher sales volumes. For everyday household items, consumers favor dollar stores because they carry merchandise that's comparable to what's found at more expensive retailers, but the prices are always significantly lower. Discount retailers buy from wholesalers in bulk quantities to facilitate lower retail prices while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Increase Profits with Dollar-Store Kitchenware

Kitchen supplies regularly rank among discount retailers' top-selling items. Dollar stores attract primarily female shoppers, and it's primarily female consumers who purchase the lion's share of kitchen supplies. Having a varied selection on hand encourages shoppers to stay in the store and spend extra time browsing, all the while heightening their exposure to other merchandise items. Carrying a large selection of items translates into more dollars going into the cash register. Shoppers who came in for kitchenware might stay and buy some consumables, be enticed by an attractive display of gift items and succumb to a candy cravings while waiting in line at the point of sale.

Wholesale suppliers stock hundreds of different household products, making it easy for merchants to plan inventories that are heavy on top-selling products. Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading wholesale supplier for discount retailers, with an enormous catalog of products available at low bulk prices. The company also offers assistance to owners of new stores, helping them get set up, stocked and open for business at cost. For more details, call 1-877-549-5210 or send an email to