Dollar Store Health Products

According to ACNielsen, a global-marketing-research company, about 79 percent of people around the world purchase health-and-beauty products on a regular basis--and dollar stores should take notice. These can include items that whiten teeth, straighten hair and impede perspiration. Since more than one-third of Americans frequent dollar stores on a monthly basis, it only makes sense to provide these customers with wholesale versions of the products they already use.

Dollar-Store Health Products: Quality Items Available at a Discount

Discount consumables related to health and beauty include the following categories:

  • Shampoos and conditioners: everyday shampoos and conditioners are widely available, as are special-needs versions that treat damaged hair, dandruff or itchy scalps. People who head to the gym on a regular basis appreciate convenience items like two-in-one shampoos plus conditioners.
  • General hair care and grooming: accessories like barrettes, wrapped elastics, scrunchies and headbands are inexpensive favorites that especially appeal to children and teenagers. Other health-and-beauty items in this category include gels, hairsprays, hair color, and straighteners.
  • Bath and shower: scented bath gels and decorative sponges or loofahs are often purchased as presents or added to gift baskets. Practical necessities like soap and shaving products also rank highly among consumers.
  • Skin care: anti-aging items like moisturizers and night creams are used on a daily basis by many women--and men! Sunscreen and after-sun treatments are particularly useful in sunny locales or vacation spots.

Price is the primary factor in choosing health-and-beauty consumables for about 60 percent of shoppers, as reported by ACNielsen. That means an extreme-value store's low prices--commonly $1 or less--can give them a leg up on the competition. Many common health-and-beauty items can be found in stock at Dollar Store Merchandise. Retailers can get expert advice at 1-877-549-5210 or