Dollar Store Greeting Cards

Retailers can use dollar-store greeting cards to keep customers on the premises for longer periods of time, encouraging greater sales volumes. How? Stocking a large and varied selection of greeting cards makes customers much more likely to stay to browse through them. Business analysts have long held that the longer a shopper remains in a store, the more likely that shopper is to spend more money. If the shopper browses and finds the perfect greeting card, he or she is also likely to spend a few more dollars on envelopes, gift bags and other accessories to go with it.

Make Money on Dollar-Store Greeting Cards

Discount retailers make money by buying merchandise in bulk and generating large sales volumes by selling generic and brand-name products at low prices. Buying in bulk and then offering merchandise to the public at discount prices is a proven strategy for making money, and experienced retailers hold fast to the principle of variation. The more products a retailer carries, the old axiom goes, the more products a retailer sells.

Thus, carrying not only seasonal products, but also items to commemorate common occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, congratulations and get-well-soon wishes is good business. Bulk suppliers can also furnish retailers with space-saving racks and display units to help keep floor space organized and maximized for optimal profitability.

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