Dollar Store Glassware

Retail-outlet owners and managers looking to boost sales should consider the profitable possibilities posed by the wide selection of dollar-store glassware offered for sale from wholesalers. Encompassing everything from glass jars to ceramic fruit, dollar-store glassware is extremely popular with many shoppers, particularly the older female demographic, as it makes for an inexpensive yet attractive gift or home-decorative accessory. The more varied the selection of products a dollar store offers, the higher overall sales figures tend to rise.

Boost Profits with Dollar-Store Glassware

Given the range of glass items that are suitably priced for sale in discount stores, a comprehensive inventory is relatively easy and inexpensive to plan. Wholesalers supply everything from jars and vases to storage accessories, decorative items, mirrors, figurines, ceramics and much more. What's more is that the all-encompassing selection of available products are priced across a range of rates, retailing for just a few cents at the low end and several dollars at the high end. This encourages shoppers to buy multiple items at once, and while items priced at the high end of the spectrum tend to pad profits, the sheer volume of low-end sales makes them well worth keeping in stock.

Retailers should also give close consideration to other popular merchandise categories, which include consumables as well as party supplies. An old axiom states that he who carries the most sells the most--wise words from veteran retailers.

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