Dollar Store Gift Items

Wholesale suppliers of dollar-store gift items help retailers secure healthy profit margins in two important ways. First, they offer a comprehensive selection of merchandise, allowing retail-outlet proprietors maximum flexibility. Second, these companies supply dollar stores with bulk prices on gift items, consumables and other popular products, including party supplies, stationery and fixtures for the home or office.

Gift items, sometimes referred to as giftware, encompasses a broad range of common products that make thoughtful, inexpensive presents. Examples include fragrant candles, bath oils, body lotions, melamine, coffee mugs, slippers, statuettes, candle holders, and photo albums. Consumers often shop at dollar stores to reap the benefits of a varied selection of inexpensive products and frequently make impulse purchases of these goods. Shoppers also turn to discount retailers when they're in need of quick, last-minute presents and can then be exposed to thousands of other products as they browse in search of what they came to find.

Going beyond Dollar-Store Gift Items

Companies that specialize in the wholesale supply of these products are valuable resources for retailers. In fact, the services of some suppliers aren't limited to products that can be sold on shelves. Full business support is available to new proprietors, and complete wholesalers anticipate and help them meet their needs by offering shelving units, display racks and point-of-sale products in addition to inventory.

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