Dollar Store DVDs

While fewer people are going out to the movies these days, more people than ever are watching DVDs at home on a regular basis--a trend from which dollar stores can profit. The increasing quality of home-entertainment systems, which can include surround sound and plasma or LCD TVs, can spur some people to watch several movies a week. If a dollar-store customer spots a selection of unusual or classic DVDs during his weekly or monthly shopping trip, he's likely to get curious and pick a few up for $1 a pop.

Dollar-Store DVDs Include Older Classics and Forgotten "Gems"

Movie buffs or film students with a taste for older DVDs may be intrigued by long-forgotten films starring the likes of Vincent Price, Ronald Reagan, and Judy Garland. Even those who aren't film fanatics may not be able to pass up cringe-inducing "gems" starring their favorite stars before they became famous. Respected actors like Uma Thurman, Jennifer Aniston, and Michelle Pfeiffer has to get their starts somewhere, and they were usually in B-movies that have landed at dollar stores across the nation.

However, these discount movies aren't all obscure or laughable. There are many classics featuring artists like Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Jimmy Stewart. There are also a number of genre movies that make perfect gifts for aficionados of westerns, martial-arts films and horror or "grindhouse" flicks.

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