Dollar Store Candles

Discount candles are only half the story--a smart dollar store will also provide ways to display these items. Not only can wholesale candle holders help a store owner create eye-catching displays, but they can also spark a shopper's imagination and encourage her to buy more. Different candles require specific types of holders, which can also be found at a discount.

Find Discount Candles and Holders Wholesale

Tapers need holders specifically made to hold them upright. These holders are generally made of wire or other metals, but they are also available in glass or crystal. These holders can display one taper at a time, while others, known as candelabra, can display four or more.

While pillar candles can stand on their own, without holders, they look nicer (and won't drip wax on furniture) in their own holders. The simplest discount holders for pillars include small, flat, plate-like discs in glass, ceramic, or metal. However, to give these pillars extra height, there are raised holders in various shapes and sizes. These holders include flat surfaces with small spikes in the centers to stabilize the pillars.

Votive candles, the smallest candles, also have multiple options for display. Votives can be placed inside cup-like holders of colored or clear glass, which can amplify and diffuse the flame, or they can be placed in holders that have small, shallow depressions specifically made to hold votives.

Of course, some discount candles come complete with their own holders, including those that come in glass jars or flower pots. For a wide selection of discount products, dollar stores can contact Dollar Store Merchandise at 1-877-549-5210 or