Dollar Store Books For Children

In addition to educational reads and classic literature, dollar-store books that are geared for children include many unique options that are visually appealing. These books are usually big sellers because kids are drawn to them, and parents love to feel like they are encouraging creativity and artistic ability.

Coloring books are among the most popular options for children. Almost every kid of any age loves to color, and these are especially sought after for long road trips or plane rides. There are options that include simple, less-detailed pictures for very young ones--think uncomplicated images like farm animals of the ABCs--as well as more sophisticated versions for older kids that center around dinosaurs and historical figures.

Dollar-Store Books for Children Can Pop

Pop-up books include three-dimensional pictures that quite literally jump off the page. Some even feature movement, as kids can rotate or pull tabs to be part of the action. These range from nursery rhymes like The Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks and the Three Bears that are intended for preschoolers to more complicated stories that even adults can enjoy.

Yet another category of dollar-store books for children combine two things parents love: reading and cleanliness. Soft foam books for infants and toddlers can be read in the bathtub without suffering from water damage.

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