Dollar Store Bathroom Supplies

Consumers on a budget rely on dollar-store bathroom supplies as regular money savers. The most successful retailers are careful to keep a wide selection of these popular items on display at all times and include everything a shopper might need for the bathroom. Market research shows that the more different products a consumer is exposed to, the more products the consumer tends to buy. Many shoppers will choose to purchase items that weren't part of their original shopping lists if given the opportunity.

Popular Dollar-Store Bathroom Supplies

Inventories of dollar-store bathroom supplies should always include popular staples such as:

  • Cleaning products
  • Bars of soap
  • Soap dispensers
  • Linens
  • Air freshener
  • Grooming products

However, some discount retailers overlook other opportunities to increase revenues on sales of these supplies. Proprietors who have done their homework know it also pays to stock up on niche items including:

Since low prices on everyday household items are a great draw, these same principles apply to all the major merchandise categories. Supplying consumers with an excellent selection of low-priced confectionery products, office and school supplies, consumables, novelty items, kitchen accessories and glassware will win customer loyalty and lead to higher overall revenues.

Retailers can meet all their inventory needs by opening a wholesale account with Dollar Store Merchandise, a company with a product catalog featuring over 70,000 popular items. For further information, contact the company by calling 1-877-549-5210 toll free or sending an email to