Dollar Store Bathroom Linens

No collection of dollar-store bathroom linens would be complete without bath towels. These home-decor items are needed for everyday use and range from small washcloths to large bath sheets that measure up to six feet long.

Traditional and Trendy Dollar-Store Bathroom Linens

The traditional bath towel is made from terrycloth, a soft, absorbent cotton fabric made up of millions of tiny loops. The classic bath towel measures approximately 30 by 58 inches and is available in dozens of colors. Recently, dollar-store bathroom linens known as bath sheets have risen to prominence. These are much larger than traditional towels and can measure as large as 35 by 70 inches.

Other home-decor items for the bath are bath mats. These can either be made of terrycloth, which makes for a light mat that dries easily, or thicker, plush versions in cotton or synthetic materials that offer a luxurious feel underfoot.

Guest towels can complete a retailer's collection of wholesale bathroom linens. These can be made of either terrycloth or smooth, woven fabrics and usually feature embroidery or lace accents. The best thing about guest towels is that swapping them frequently is a quick and easy way to change the decor of the bathroom as the seasons change. Retailers can offer versions decorated with flowers or flip flops for spring and summer, autumn leaves for fall and snowmen or Christmas imagery for winter.

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