Dollar Items

In 2007, industry experts predicted that more than 8,000 new dollar stores stocked with inexpensive items would open their doors in the United States. This is despite Alan Greenspan's prediction of a recession that will rock the upcoming decade. Dollar items allow shopaholics and practical moms alike to purchase necessities and luxury items like jewelry and makeup inexpensively.

Dollar stores typically purchase wholesale products in bulk and at a discount. The typical store carries a wide range of items, including greeting cards, small gifts, toys, home-décor items and more. These smaller-format stores can be less intimidating than big-box retailers, with the median square footage at just 3,500. This encourages quick impulse buys and can help customers feel more comfortable about picking up "just a few extra things" in addition to the basics.

Dollar Items Include Closeout and Liquidated Stock

Where do these dollar items come from? Instead of name-brand products or the latest DVDs from Hollywood’s biggest studios, dollar items are typically private-label goods or obscure, off-brand offerings. This doesn't mean that these products are of low quality; instead, they can be regarded as unusual finds or hidden treasures. Items like baby toys or clothing, which are typically used for a short time and then outgrown, are especially popular when bought wholesale at a discount.

Extreme-value stores across the country purchase dollar items from Dollar Store Merchandise, a leading online supplier of wholesale products that can be purchased in bulk. Representatives can be reached via email at or by phone at 1-877-549-5210.