Discounted Themed Balloons

Dollar stores may worry that keeping a wide stock of discounted themed balloons could take up too much space. After all, the average square footage for an extreme-value store such as this is 3,500. The idea of offering 100 or even more wholesale party balloons may seem completely unmanageable. However, there are simple ways to display and store these items that even smaller stores can handle.

There are three simple steps to displaying a large number of discounted themed balloons:

  • One of each type should be filled with ordinary air.
  • These can then be taped high up on a wall, side by side, and clearly numbered (for example, one through 100), so that customers can easily select the party decorations they want.
  • The deflated items can be numbered and stored in drawers. Store employees can then easily fulfill customers' orders.

Display Discounted Themed Balloons without Sacrificing Floor Space

Attaching these wholesale balloons to wall space that is otherwise unused saves space and adds a decorative accent to the store. With the other items deflated and stored in drawers, stores can keep their inventories neatly stored in the least amount of space.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers hundreds of different discounted themed balloons to stores all over the nation. The company can be reached via phone at 1-877-549-5210 or via email at Individuals who are interested in opening their own dollar stores can get in touch with BuckStore, Inc. for expert help.