Discounted Merchandise

The ability to purchase a wide range of discounted merchandise attracts customers to dollar stores. Offering convenience and value on bulk-item purchases, dollar stores make shopping for everyday items easy and hassle-free, which is a large part of the reason they're so popular with cost-conscious consumers. Wise proprietors vary the discounted merchandise they sell to the greatest possible degree in order to service a wider range of consumer needs and promote more repeat business and return customers.

Discounted Merchandise in a Wide Range of Retail Categories

Consumables rank very high on the list of the best-selling bulk discount items. Encompassing thousands of products, from batteries and baby food to lipstick and condiments, consumables are those staple items that most people keep on hand in their homes at all times. Merchandise in this category comprises a large percentage of the typical floor stock of a dollar store.

However, consumables are not the height of a bulk retailer's operations. Equally profitable, especially during seasonal occasions and festive times of year, are novelties and party items. Offered in tandem with gift bags and greeting cards, these products can send profits soaring.

Discount retailers also commonly offer stationery, school and office supplies, licensed products, books and candy as part of a well-rounded product inventory. A good wholesale supplier can help retailers stock stores with everything they need to meet customer demands in a convenient and inexpensive manner. Dollar Store Merchandise has a very wide selection of products available at highly competitive prices and can help new retailers launch their own businesses. Contact the company by calling 1-877-549-5210 or by sending an email to