Discounted Baby Items

Dollar stores are not limited to a narrow range of discounted baby items like diapers and bottles. Today, there are suppliers dedicated to extreme-value retailers that keep everything from bibs and layette sets to pacifiers, clothing, bath toys and feeding utensils in stock. These high-quality, eye-catching goods are easy on the wallet, which parents always appreciate.

In the past, families generally shared infant clothing and other goods from person to person when needed. However, today, families can be spread all over the country and instead toss unneeded infant items or donate them to charity. In addition, a small baby boom in the early 21st century is now bumping up against a possible recession. These two factors can mean that discounted baby items are in higher demand than ever.

Discounted Baby Items and Gifts for Dollar Stores

Bath items for infants are especially welcomed by new parents, who appreciate this time spent bonding with their newborns. Discounted items like baby baths, sponge toys, and hooded towels can help make bath time peaceful and fun.

Holiday-themed products are thoughtful gifts that parents may not have the money to purchase themselves. Bibs, pacifiers, socks and bottles emblazoned with Santa or other festive motifs can become keepsakes that are passed down through generations.

Dollar Store Merchandise is one supplier that provides dollar stores and other extreme-value retailers with a vast array of wholesale discounted products, as well as displays and other equipment needed to run day-to-day business. The company can be reached at or 1-877-549-5210.